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Life Line Screening Serves the Public in a Very Affordable Way

Life Line Screening has long been known as an affordable means of having some basic tests done at convenient locations to ascertain the condition of a person’s health. Modern medical technology allows for specific results of testing to be obtained by non-invasive procedures through simple finger blood testing, ultrasound testing, and a limited electrocardiograph (EKG).

The cost of the testing is much less than it would be if done in a hospital or a stand-alone medical facility and the company and procedures are supported by nine out of ten doctors who are aware of the procedures and how they are conducted.

For the sake of efficiency, most of the testing takes place at an employer’s workplace, in malls, or other public venues where people gather and can take advantage of three simple tests. The outcomes are very positive because many people discover health situations that need immediate attention, but the individual presented no symptoms.

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A classic situation is where a person has occluded arteries around the heart, but the disease has not advanced quite far enough to create any noticeable symptoms. Shortness of breath, pain in the chest area, and weakness and distress in the back muscles are classic signs of coronary artery disease. In many cases, the disease is there, but in its early stages.

By utilizing the three main diagnostic tests, ultrasound, EKG, and blood testing, most of all the diseases can be detected. Even cancer, if it has grown to a size that can be detected can be spotted.

Employers embrace the Life Line Screening procedures because healthy employees last longer and are more productive at the workplace. Individual data is not shared with employers, but group data can be. If an employer sees an unhealthy trend among employees, steps can be taken to offer employees healthier options such as exercise facilities and healthy snack foods.

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