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Eric Pulier Has Achieved Great Things

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent people to work in Silicon Valley specializing in startups. He has built himself an impressive empire based on many of the amazing ideas he has been able to come up with over the years. Eric Pulier did not start out as a person who had any interest in the world of technology. In fact, he had planned to make a career for himself in the world of academia. He went to Harvard University and majored in English literature. Needless to say, not many tech geeks have a degree in this subject. Eric wanted to become an English literature professor. However, he soon discovered his true calling soon after he graduated.

Eric was introduced to the world of startups by some of the people he was hanging around with at the time. They explained to him that they were trying to launch a company and they needed all the help they could get. Eric was very happy to lend a hand. Eric found the work to be quite exciting compared to the rather boring and dry atmosphere of the academic world. He liked the challenge that launching a startup presented to him. He felt like he wanted to try launching his own startup. He would soon learn that he had a knack for this particular job.

Eric came up with the idea for a startup called ServiceMesh. This is a company that helps businesses to utilize cloud computing software. Eric knew that cloud computing was the future. Therefore, he thought it was logical to create a startup that assisted people in learning how to use this new type of technology. It turned out that this decision was the right one. There was an overwhelming demand for the type of service that ServiceMesh provided. He later came up with more startups that went on to be very profitable. Akana and Desktone are two examples of the many startups that Eric Pulier has to his credit. He is now one of the most respected people in his industry. He has no intention of slowing down any time soon and Eric on Facebook.