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Securus Technologies Making Huge Efforts for Prison Safety

I remember when I first started as a corrections officer that me and my fellow officers could walk the yard and never be concerned about violence between inmates and staff or themselves. In the last few years, prison violence has escalated to the point that me and my team are constantly looking for new technology that will lock down the facility and keep the inmates at bay. This year we found that technology, and it has completely changed the way that we are able to maintain order in a facility that gets more overcrowded by the month.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the sudden improvement in jail security, all thanks to the inmate telephone call monitoring system that they installed in our prison. The system can scan the jail phones when inmates are using them, and alert officers if any chatter has been detected concerning drugs, contraband, and more. The company is based out of Texas, and each of the thousand employees is working towards the company mission of creating a safer world we can all live in.


Once my team was comfortable using the LBS software, we were eager to see exactly how the system worked. Instead of officers manning that call center, we can utilize them elsewhere and then jump to action when we get an alert of trouble. The system began giving us alerts the very first night it was up an running.


The first alert was concerning a call about one inmate begging his family to sneak some prescription drugs into the visitor center so he could use them to make money for his commissary bill. Another call alerted my team when an inmate was talking to his gang brothers, and they gave the go-ahead to attack a rival gang member. Our team is now able to eliminate these threats before anyone is injured.