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US Money Reserve’s’ Philanthropic Concern

After the devastation Hurricane Harvey left in its wake, ‘US Money Reserve‘ sought to contribute a matched donation of $100,000 to help those affected by this destructive hurricane. The donation, according to CEO Angela Koch of US Money Reserve, was a “patriotic duty” to help those so “close to home.”


The US Money Reserve, located in Austin Texas, felt the indirect shocks of this storm through its employees and clients impacted by the storm. So, through the concerted effort of US Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) a monetary relief package was raised in order to help in cleanup and rebuilding-The grand-total in relief: $219,622.


What is the US Money Reserve? The US Money Reserve has established itself as a leading distributor in precious metals serving private clients numbering in the hundreds of thousands since its inception in 2001. The company sells certified U.S grade government gold, silver and platinum coins. The companies precious metals are sanctioned by congress, and each coin serves as legal tender all of which are created at the U.S mint.


This company not only is in the business in selling coinage but gives back potions of their revenue to organizations which help others-70 organizations (non-profit) to be exact. To name a few organizations US Monetary Reserve donates to:American Red Cross, Austin Children’s Shelter, Children’s Hospital, Boy Scouts of America, National Inst. Of Neurological Disorders and many more.


To refresh the magnitude of hurricane Harvey and its effects; it displaced upwards of 39,000 people from their homes, it inundated parts of Texas with two-feet of rain within 24 hours and a third of Houston was underwater from the storm; this storm tore at Texas as a category 4 hurricane, but despite the carnage humanity overcame and organizations such as Autism Disaster Relief Project (a non-profit made up of volunteers and 175 churches) partnered with US Money Reserve to help those victimized by the storm and the rebuilding of communities.


The director of ADRN ( Daniel Geraci) was especially pleased with US Money Reserve giving the company a special congratulatory statement, “It is through businesses like U.S. Money Reserve that we have been able to meet the high financial demands of this disaster response…many lives will be impacted through this generous donation” and likewise US Money Reserves CEO gave a special acknowledgement to ADRN for its help in donating to the relief effort in Texas.