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Bruno Fagali Gives Insights On The Plastic Bag Decree In Brazil

In 2011, Brazil passed a law that prohibits free sale and distribution of plastic bags. The Municipal Law, famously known as Law 15,374 got many confused. This is because of the uncertainties surrounding the polythene business. Lawyers such as Bruno Fagali were obliged to offer informative insights on the legalities of the legislation. Following subsequent legal interceptions, 2015 saw a new decree been made that was aimed to clarify the initial declaration. The new law, Decree 55,827, redefines reusable paper bags. According to the legislation, polythene bags are defined as materials used to collect dry garbage.

The law also establishes the difference between the garbage bags and those used to transport common trash. The law came into active effect in 2015, and ever since, the Brazilian community is aware of the penalties and fines pertaining to plastic bags. According to Bruno Fagali, the law controls the visual aspects of the polythene bags and provides insights on their sustainability. He insists that the decree does not state that the paper bags should be sold to the consumer at any price. Bruno also explains that the law does not prohibit the manufacturer from indicating on the bags the date and name of the establishment.


Who is Bruno?

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian attorney specializing in Compliance Law, Ethics, Urban Law, Regulatory Law, and Administrative Law. Currently, Bruno is the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova. In addition to this, Bruno also heads his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy. Mr. Fagali possesses a Law Degree and Masters from the University of Sao Paulo. According to many, Bruno Fagali has brought new dimensions in the Brazilian legal sector. His skills of handling different legal cases and clients make him effective for the Brazilian community. Considering that amendments are made to the law often and new decrees made each day, many citizens in Brazil depends on Bruno Fagali to provide insights and directions.


Overall, Bruno Fagali is a highly informed and dedicated legal consultant. His understandings of the country’s law, especially legislation on corporate and industrial sectors make him relevant for the fast-growing South American nation.

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