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Hair Magic in a Bottle

Are you in need of a product that will leave your hair full of shine everyday after shampooing? WEN by Chaz, could be your savior in a bottle. Originally reported on Bustle, WEN by Chaz was put to the test. WEN by Chaz promises that their products can ultimately help everyone with different hair types. A curious customer wanted to try it out for her short and thin hair. She wanted to find a product that wouldn’t leave her hair dead lifeless. She mainly struggled with greasy, oily hair.

She used Wen cleansing conditioner for 7 days, making sure to document her results each day. Some days seemed better than others. She realized that by day 7, her hair would not be as greasy starting out her day after she would wash her hair using WEN by Chaz product. Her conclusion about the experience of using a WEN by Chaz product is that WEN by Chaz cleansing shampoo works best if you are willing to use it right before styling and starting your day. Not for the lazy at heart by any means.

Here is a link to her experiment:

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WEN by Chaz is a well-known Sephora hair care line, used by people trying to put the life back in their hair. It is sulfate-free, unlike many other shampoos. You do not have worry about harmful chemicals. They offer products with ingredients made to put nutrients and shine back in your hair. Visit to learn more.

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