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Oncotarget: Electronic Cigars are not the Safe Option

Oncotarget is a renowned scientific journal that seeks to transform the health and science world using research, special initiatives and peer review. The journal has published several topics that affect the lives of people in the modern times. Oncotarget is run by a group of scientists who have expertise in several areas, and they ensure that the content published is perfect.

Just recently, the journal published information addressing the use of electronic cigarettes among the young people in the society. According to the Oncotarget, the cigars have detrimental effects on the oral health of the smokers. The Oncotarget states that the smoke in the cigarettes affects the molecular and cellular levels in the human body, resulting in serious problems. Download output styles at

Electronic cigars are very common at the moment, in particular among the young generation. They are perceived to be the healthier alternative when compared to the regular cigars. The smokers also say that these forms of cigars are classy and also very fashionable. Before Oncotarget published the study, people believed that the chemicals in the electronic cigars were responsible for the side effects smokers were experiencing. However, this is not the truth.

A group of smokers was exposed to the smoke in the electronic cigarettes said that that the chemicals found in the flavoring chemicals were playing a key role in damaging the cells the body. The study showed that the mouth was sometimes damaged permanently by some of the flavoring chemicals the smokers were using.

The Journal says that many people need to understand the effects of the cigars to the systems. According to it, awareness should be created so that the lives of young people can be saved in time.

The electronic cigar contains a special in-built battery, a cartridge that can hold liquid and a heating device. The substance in the cigar contains nicotine, toxic chemicals, and flavoring that are loved by the young people. Although the smoker inhales some smoke with an extraordinary flavor, they get serious health problems. Some of the individuals who use these substances cannot be cured. Some health experts say that some smokers got mouth cancer while others severe mouth infections.


Eric Lefkofsky : Battling the Beast

Eric Lefkofsky is a wildly successful entrepreneur and his most recent adventure is surly to help change peoples lives. His most recent startup is Tempus, founded in 2015. Tempus will help fight cancer by giving doctors at the University of Chicago data to help treat breast cancer patients. Their goal is to analyze data from roughly 1,000 patients suffering from breast cancer. This data will help doctors to prescribe patients personalized treatment plans. The data will also allow doctors and researchers to discover patterns allowing them to hypothesize how a patient will respond to the prescribed treatment plan.

Even though breast cancer is among one of the most common cancers, it is argued that there isn’t enough data on the millions of patients who have suffered through treatment of the horrific disease. Because of the lack of data Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, a professor of medicine and human genetics at the University of Chicago, indicates that, as it stands, physicians have to prescribe treatment plans to their patients without knowing specific genetic information. He argues that knowing this information will help physicians make accurately targeted decisions to help their patients defeat the cancer.

Tempus is also partnering with Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Of Northwestern University, the Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, Penn Medicine and the University of Michigan to collect and use data to help fight cancer.

Among his other entrepreneurial adventures, Eric Lefkofsky with his wife Liz also founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. According to the foundations website, their goal is to “advance high-impact programs, initiatives and research to enhance the quality of human lives.” They do this by improving access to quality education, helping to improve human rights, medical research and other cultural initiatives.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. As if he isn’t busy enough, Eric Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago; and is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago and Museum of Science and Industry and what Eric knows.