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Secrets To Planning The Perfect Event From Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is an all rounded design and event planning company located in the heart of the bustling New York City. It is popular for its unique and innovative approach to event management.


Twenty Three Layers boast of an extensive client list that has made repeat requests due to the team’s prowess in actualizing ideas into events that fulfill the client’s wish list to the last detail. The vibrant workforce is known for its keen attention to detail and unwavering commitment to achieving ethereal events.


The company has a broad list of trusted vendors and access to spectacular locations that help to translate your dream event to reality by providing coveted taste in decor and food menus. Recently the company indulged its followers in some tips that would foster the inner event planner in their audience and help them create a stress-free event.


Twenty Three Layers highlighted the importance of being organized by having a list that reminds you of all you have to do. Creating a themed event makes the event more customized and sets the tone of the whole event.


In case you are hosting a family event, set up a kiddy table that has fun activities like drawing, coloring among other activities that will keep the children entertained. Send out invites. Make this a fun activity by doing DIY invites.


Give your guests the option of a self-service bar where they can have fun making cocktails and other drinks. Also, set up water and champagne station at the entrance to ensure your guests get into the mood right from the beginning. Create a themed concoction; leave your guests guessing what it is. Serve the theme drink once every hour.


Ensure that the appetizers are simple and enjoyable. Don’t get your guests too full before the main course. Keep the table set up simple and label sitting places for your guests. You can do handmade labels.

Most importantly, stay relaxed. Take one hour before the event to freshen up, build up the ambiance and get yourself in the mood of the event. Your guests will clone your mood and movement. Ensure that you earn the fun host title.


The event planning experts at Twenty Three Layers reiterate that event planning should be a fun and stress-free escapade. Implement these tips from them to create a memorable event.