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Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez Listed among Entertainment Industry’s Top Female Executives

Music and entertainment industry is among the highest revenue generating sectors in the region. In 2016 alone, the industry is reported to have generated about $17.2 billion in revenues. The leadership of this lucrative sector has over the years been dominated by males. However, there is a significant number of zealous females who have already found their way in. According to the 2017 Women in Music list by Billboard, Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer Desiree Perez is among the most powerful executives in the music and entertainment industry.

Billboard’s 2017 list contains best female dealmakers, tastemakers, and influencers as well as those who capture all aspects of the sector from recording to identifying talents. Perez’s appearance on the list has come as motivation to many women who aspire to serve the industry at the top executive levels. Her name featured among presidents of popular record labels, marketing managers, and female industry leaders who have contributed towards the success of well-known music artists over the last 20 years. Desiree Perez is known among the industry stakeholders to be a tough negotiator.

Roc Nation goes beyond a mere entertainment firm and record label. It’s a full-service company and deals with managing music artists, producers, songwriters, and merchandising. The company supports music-related projects and has signed popular music artists including Shakira, Rita Ora, and Timbaland just to mention a few, and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

Desiree Perez has been with Roc Nation 2009. As the COO, Perez oversees the company’s publishing and labeling activities. She also manages the day-to-day of the firm. As a negotiator, Desiree Perez sealed a $25 million collaboration deal with Samsung for Rihanna’s anti-tour as well as Sprint’s $200 million deal with TIDAL. Desiree’s performance record has greatly contributed towards her success in the music and entertainment industry.

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The Innovative Leadership Style of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Makes Banco Bradesco A Success Story

It is not a surprise that a man who uses a combination of tenacity, wisdom, and foresight should be the head of one of the largest insurers in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an accomplished financial professional who is working hard towards making sure that the insurance sector plays an important role in the economy of Brazil. He has been at the forefront of spreading optimism and positive in the marketplace, and he has been honored with the trophy for the Insurance Personality of the Year.

The executive is presently the president of Bradesco and he has been part of the organization for over 38 years. His recognition started in 2003 when he was awarded the prestigious prize for being the most competent personality as the vice-president of Banco Bradesco and the president of the Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension Plans. He is a strong advocate of insurance sales through brokerages, and in many cases he brings his expertise and experience in banking to bear on the insurance trade.


One remarkable achievement Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has brought to the organization is the fact that when in 2009 he took over as the presidency of the bank, it was performing poorly compared to its rivals. He stresses that to be a leader is not a goal in itself, but the goal should be to deliver the best services to the municipalities they serve. Another significant contribution that he has made for the bank is to bring the HSBC’s Brazilian branch into a position of prominence, and it is no leading the fight for leadership in the private sector. In 2015 the organization was one of the largest businesses.

Due to his hard work, the bank is now outperforming its rivals in terms of the loans it grants, the deposits and assets it commands. It is instructive that he has worked for the bank for such a long time from 1969. His good work enabled him to rise through the ranks until he took over the presidency due to the good work he did while at Bradesco Seguros. His presidency is characterized by team work and synergy building through which creates good relationships in all cadres in the corporate management ladder. Luiz Carlos’ system of management employs a hands-off approach that ensures that all executives have the freedom to discharge their responsibilities without interference. The greatest innovation that he brings to the management is the continuous search for the best professionals in the market.

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Business Man, Investor and Philanthropist: The Life of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is not an ordinary businessman. Currently residing in Dallas, he has come to be known as a serial investor. His investments cut across many industries and this has contributed to his overall success.



Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist. This means that his main business revolves around funding start-up businesses. As a typical venture capitalist, he is always on a look out for businesses that stand out, unique and would have an instant success in the market. Learn more:



Coming from a humble background, Sparks has managed to build a reputation for himself. His extensive experience in financial world, including insurance and investment banking has made it possible for him to invest and own several insurance and financial companies. He holds an MGA, LRA Broker, licenses from Texas Department of Insurance. He is also fully certified to own and operate a variety of insurance companies.



Other than the knowledge of the financial world, Mr. Sparks has also played a key role in founding and running successful investments and financial businesses. Among them are: International Surety and Casualty Company which was successfully acquired by Unistar Financial Services Corp. He also helped to form and run International Fidelity Holding Corp and Eagle Premium Finance Company. He also helped build a successful First Choice Underwriters, which has been credited as being one of the brilliantly run venture. Learn more:



He is the founder of Timber Greek Capital, LP, which is a leader in Venture Capital. Timber Greek Capital, LP has been responsible for turning small businesses into capital-generating businesses by funding the creating of their products or services.



He is currently working at Unistar Financial Services Corporation where he serves as the chairman, CEO and director of this mega investment firm. He also sits in executive and compensation committee where he is also a member. Learn more:



Sparks has credited his success to the power of focus. In one interview where he was asked how he has successfully managed to run many successful businesses simultaneously, he said that having a clear focus and prioritizing your work can more than double your input.



Sparks has been successful but he also shares this wealth with the society. He is a big time philanthropist and has been involved in several charitable services. He has helped youths around Dallas to acquire diplomas and has been heavily involved with Samaritan Inn, which is a shelter for homeless. He has built several homes and is known to support American Can!