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NewsWatch TV Wins Gold in Television Awards

NewsWatch TV recently won multiple awards for excellence in
30-minute recreation TV programming. NewsWatch won “Platinum”
and “Gold” for the distinguished Marcom Award, and won
“Excellence” for the Videographer Award, one in every of the foremost
desirable awards within the video trade. NewsWatch has additionally won
previous awards for his or her national TV program, as well as a Silver boob
tube Award. NewsWatch TV reviews prime technology, client product, and
firms to their nationwide audience within the US.
NewsWatch TV won a Gold and Pt. “Marcom Award” for his or her nationwide
thirty minute programme. The “Gold” and “Platinum” Awards
area unit the 2 highest levels which will be won for “Television-Broadcast
& Cable”.
NewsWatch TV was additionally awarded the national “2017 Videographer
Award” for excellence in 30-minute recreation programming. This can be the
very best of 3 levels of their annual awards competition and is that the most
tough to win. The Videographer Awards is among the oldest and most revered
awards programs within the trade.
About Videographer Awards
The Videographer Awards is one in every of the foremost desirable awards within
the video trade. Since 1994, the goal of the Videographer Awards is to spot and
acknowledge the artisans WHO stand out within the scope of their own
The Videographer Awards is run and judged by the Association of promoting and
Communication Professionals (ACMP). The global organization consists of many
thousand selling, communication, advertising, packaging, media production and
work professionals WHO have entered AMCP programs. The board oversees awards
and recognition programs, provides judges and sets standards of excellence.
The Award of Excellence was awarded to those comes the judges deemed were
written, produced, shot associated emended in an exceptional manner. Award of
Excellence winner’s area unit listed on the Videographer Awards web site at
About Marcom Awards
MarCom Awards honors excellence in selling and communication whereas
recognizing the ability, toil and generosity of trade professionals. Since its
origination in 1995, MarCom has evolved into one in every of the most
important, most-respected inventive competitions within the world. Every year
concerning VI, 000 print and digital entries area unit submitted from dozens of
states. MarCom is run by the Association of promoting and Communication
Professionals (AMCP). The global organization, based in 1995, consists of many
thousand selling, communication, advertising, packaging, digital and net
professionals. The Marcom Award is crafted by Society Awards, manufacturers of
the Golden Globes, Emmys, CLIOS, MTV, Academy of folk and Yankee Music Awards.
About NewsWatch TV
NewsWatch TV airs nationwide within the US and might be seen in nearly each
market throughout the country. Every edition of NewsWatch reaches over ninety
six million households nationwide. Set within the Washington, DC area, the
NewsWatch workers offers decades of broadcast expertise. Over twenty five
years, the series has reached over 700 million folks, creating it one in every
of the foremost roaring severally created news magazines on TV. To find out
additional concerning NewsWatch, head to NewsWatch TV Reviews and Testimonials.

Talk Fusion Highly Productive and Efficient Video Marketing Company

Talk Fusion is one of the first companies that highlighted the importance of video marketing and was started by Bob Reina in the year 2007. The company has been helping thousands of its associates find a new lease of life through the source of income it provides by marketing the company’s product and becoming their boss. Talk Fusion is aimed at making marketing initiatives more engaging, compelling, and persuasive. The conventional methods of marketing these days have lost its focus, and many of the companies even after spending a fortune are not able to get the results they are looking for through the conventional marketing mediums. Talk Fusion has spent years researching and developing their video marketing tools, strategies, and technology, which has helped hundreds and thousands of small to medium-sized business grow and develop in their niche.


Standing out from the crowd is essential in the competitive market to grow and sustain, and it is what Talk Fusion helps in achieving. Many of the clients who have used Talk Fusion products are hugely satisfied with the results they have got with the only regret being why they didn’t try Talk Fusion earlier on. It helps the companies to send video emails, engage in advanced video conferencing, video chat, video-based newsletters, and much more. The video marketing products developed by Talk Fusion are way more productive yet economical than many other marketing techniques followed by the companies these days.


Recently, Bob Reina, CEO, and Founder of Talk Fusion shared two articles on HuffPost, a highly popular online publishing platform that is subscribed by millions of readers. Bob Reina believes that Talk Fusion helps the brand to grow and penetrate the market as well as help with customer retention. As per the latest research, it has been conclusively proven that video marketing is much more effective in getting results and increasing sales than many other contemporary marketing techniques. As the marketing arena continues to evolve, it is imperative for the businesses to try and find new ways to reach out to the existing and potential customers, and Talk Fusion efficiently serves the same purpose. Learn more: