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The Innovative Leadership Style of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Makes Banco Bradesco A Success Story

It is not a surprise that a man who uses a combination of tenacity, wisdom, and foresight should be the head of one of the largest insurers in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an accomplished financial professional who is working hard towards making sure that the insurance sector plays an important role in the economy of Brazil. He has been at the forefront of spreading optimism and positive in the marketplace, and he has been honored with the trophy for the Insurance Personality of the Year.

The executive is presently the president of Bradesco and he has been part of the organization for over 38 years. His recognition started in 2003 when he was awarded the prestigious prize for being the most competent personality as the vice-president of Banco Bradesco and the president of the Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension Plans. He is a strong advocate of insurance sales through brokerages, and in many cases he brings his expertise and experience in banking to bear on the insurance trade.


One remarkable achievement Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has brought to the organization is the fact that when in 2009 he took over as the presidency of the bank, it was performing poorly compared to its rivals. He stresses that to be a leader is not a goal in itself, but the goal should be to deliver the best services to the municipalities they serve. Another significant contribution that he has made for the bank is to bring the HSBC’s Brazilian branch into a position of prominence, and it is no leading the fight for leadership in the private sector. In 2015 the organization was one of the largest businesses.

Due to his hard work, the bank is now outperforming its rivals in terms of the loans it grants, the deposits and assets it commands. It is instructive that he has worked for the bank for such a long time from 1969. His good work enabled him to rise through the ranks until he took over the presidency due to the good work he did while at Bradesco Seguros. His presidency is characterized by team work and synergy building through which creates good relationships in all cadres in the corporate management ladder. Luiz Carlos’ system of management employs a hands-off approach that ensures that all executives have the freedom to discharge their responsibilities without interference. The greatest innovation that he brings to the management is the continuous search for the best professionals in the market.

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