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Kevin Seawright Is a Finance Specialist With a Heart

Kevin Seawright is a person who is a big name in the finance world. He has substantial experience as an administrative operations and financial specialist. He’s based in Newark, New Jersey at the moment. That’s where he works for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Seawright is admired for being a great mind in the financial community.

He’s devised countless economic strategies that have made a lot of impact. People in his field know that he has strong business reorganization abilities on his side as well.

He has reorganized a good number of companies based all over New Jersey. That’s precisely how he landed his desired role as the Chief Finance head and Executive Vice President at the Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright is a finance guru who has a varied set of skills. These skills are invaluable in his daily career. Seawright knows a lot about essential topics such as forecasting, strategic planning, performance management, managerial finance, capital projects, human resources, data assessment, contract negotiation, maintenance management and beyond.

People who want to learn about in-depth subjects such as collective bargaining, operations management, change management, budgeting and human capital can learn a lot from watching Seawright in action.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is an executive who cares deeply about the finance field. He’s also a compassionate human being who has a strong interest in giving back to his beloved community. That’s why regular volunteer work is such a focal point for him. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He’s happily served as a volunteer basketball coach for the Suffolk, Virginia Recreational Department for a while now. He began volunteering with the department in the fall of 2015. He devotes a substantial amount of time to numerous causes.

A couple of the causes that are close to Seawright’s heart are education and economic empowerment. Seawright wants to see new generations succeed and thrive. He wants to give wide-eyed young children access to the finest learning opportunities the world has to offer.

Kevin Seawright appreciates the world of social networking. He, because of that, has a strong presence on Twitter. He routinely posts messages about pressing topics that affect contemporary society.

Eric Lefkofsky : Battling the Beast

Eric Lefkofsky is a wildly successful entrepreneur and his most recent adventure is surly to help change peoples lives. His most recent startup is Tempus, founded in 2015. Tempus will help fight cancer by giving doctors at the University of Chicago data to help treat breast cancer patients. Their goal is to analyze data from roughly 1,000 patients suffering from breast cancer. This data will help doctors to prescribe patients personalized treatment plans. The data will also allow doctors and researchers to discover patterns allowing them to hypothesize how a patient will respond to the prescribed treatment plan.

Even though breast cancer is among one of the most common cancers, it is argued that there isn’t enough data on the millions of patients who have suffered through treatment of the horrific disease. Because of the lack of data Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, a professor of medicine and human genetics at the University of Chicago, indicates that, as it stands, physicians have to prescribe treatment plans to their patients without knowing specific genetic information. He argues that knowing this information will help physicians make accurately targeted decisions to help their patients defeat the cancer.

Tempus is also partnering with Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Of Northwestern University, the Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, Penn Medicine and the University of Michigan to collect and use data to help fight cancer.

Among his other entrepreneurial adventures, Eric Lefkofsky with his wife Liz also founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. According to the foundations website, their goal is to “advance high-impact programs, initiatives and research to enhance the quality of human lives.” They do this by improving access to quality education, helping to improve human rights, medical research and other cultural initiatives.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. As if he isn’t busy enough, Eric Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago; and is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago and Museum of Science and Industry and what Eric knows.

Hair Magic in a Bottle

Are you in need of a product that will leave your hair full of shine everyday after shampooing? WEN by Chaz, could be your savior in a bottle. Originally reported on Bustle, WEN by Chaz was put to the test. WEN by Chaz promises that their products can ultimately help everyone with different hair types. A curious customer wanted to try it out for her short and thin hair. She wanted to find a product that wouldn’t leave her hair dead lifeless. She mainly struggled with greasy, oily hair.

She used Wen cleansing conditioner for 7 days, making sure to document her results each day. Some days seemed better than others. She realized that by day 7, her hair would not be as greasy starting out her day after she would wash her hair using WEN by Chaz product. Her conclusion about the experience of using a WEN by Chaz product is that WEN by Chaz cleansing shampoo works best if you are willing to use it right before styling and starting your day. Not for the lazy at heart by any means.

Here is a link to her experiment:

Watch the Wen YouTube ads.

WEN by Chaz is a well-known Sephora hair care line, used by people trying to put the life back in their hair. It is sulfate-free, unlike many other shampoos. You do not have worry about harmful chemicals. They offer products with ingredients made to put nutrients and shine back in your hair. Visit to learn more.

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A Review Of John Goullet’s Success at Diversant LLC

John Goullet is the principal of DIVERSANT LLC, a successful IT staffing company that connects qualified IT professionals with leading Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. John holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College where he graduated in 1983. His dedication and hard work has placed the company on a growth trajectory. Today, Diversant LLC ranks as the fastest growing African-American IT Staffing Corporation in the United States. John’s journey started in 1994 when he transitioned into IT staffing after working as an IT consultant. Having adequate experience in both fields, John was well positioned to establish his own IT Staffing Company, Information Technologies. The new company rendered its services to different businesses across the nation, including Fortune 500 companies. With a blend of deep sense of duty and focus on success, John’s exemplary leadership quickly raised the company’s value to $30 million within five years.

Later, he merged his company with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. Diversant has over 1,000 contract and direct hire jobs. IT professionals are guaranteed access to different job opportunities. And his Website, They have latitude to choose where they would like to work. The company offers advice, continuous support and professional guidance to ensure that companies find the perfect match to their IT positions. Diversant offers a favorable environment for both industry starters and those seeking to develop their careers. The company plays a crucial role in matching IT professionals with the jobs that are ideal for their growth and learn more about John.

Diversant focuses on understanding more about the IT professionals. To this end, they have a unique screening process that looks beyond the resume and job description. The company has been in operation for close to two decades. They are reputable for their skilled timing, quick searches and better results that offer professionals a successful career path. While undertaking his duties, John Goullet has exhibited high levels of professionalism. He has helped the company to grow even during hard economic times. The creative thinker has established a culture of teamwork, upholding ethical behavior, respect and discipline in the company. Diversant LLC is a certified minority owned business enterprise. With their unofficial motto of “Lift as you Climb,” the company helps other Minority-Owned-Enterprises to prosper through mentorship programs that involve sharing of experiences and best practices.

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The Many Talents of Julie Zuckerberg

Originally, Julie Zuckerberg studied Philosophy at New York Brooklyn College of City University. Her interests changed and she moved to the New York Law School. At law school her interests laid in talent acquisition. That is how her successful career began. With great mentors and teachers at law school, Julie became well-groomed in corporate business. Julie became a professional in human resources, employee training, coaching acquisition and management, conflict resolution and team leadership.


Julie Zuckerberg’s career began at the Hudson Company where she started out as Director of Candidate Placement. Later she became responsible for recruiting case managers, temporary and permanent support staff, attorneys, and paralegals. Before leaving Hudson Company, Julie was responsible for linking clients to employees to resolve the problems between them. She stayed five years with the Hudson Company.


Serving for six years at Citibank, Julie was Vice President and Executive Recruiter of the bank. Her responsibilities were the negotiating the senior level job offers, international talent sourcing and the advising of the recruitment strategies. Julie was promoted to Executive recruiter for Citi

Consumer Bank and instructed managers on creating position specifications and job descriptions. She also managed client vetting, retained search firms and fee negotiations.


She helped Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York get ahead of their competitors by coaching the management and advising them on various compensation trends and various recruitment strategies. She was actively involved in immigration and clawbacks, relocation and equity buyouts, which helped her bank gain an edge over their competition. Julie solely handled the process of expatriate and international relocations, which includes her talents to source the right person across the globe.


Julie was Corporate Vice President and Senior Recruiting Lead at New York Life Insurance. Julie’s main role at New York Life was to analyze customer requirement and manage recruitment process with the management. Julie was responsible for the hiring of the managers and business partners. She was soon promoted to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, which was for the Wealth and Commercial Clients, GTO and Asset Management.


Julie was responsible for all the business leaders of the bank to cooperate together to make a positive team. She directed the negotiations of all the managing directors and provides leadership to the coordinators and recruiters of the bank. Working with senior management, Julie came up with business strategy plans and provides the best solutions for the bank.


As Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, Julie now coaches and helps to counsel recruitment executive groups. As Executive Talent Lead, Julie wears many different executive hats. Julie Zuckerberg is the major executive who achieves the best practices in management recruitment for the company.


Julie Zuckerberg has many different talents. She is a strong believer in seeing that the right person is recruited into the proper position. She has effectively enriched the success of many different companies. Julie has developed the skill of recruitment, executive search, leadership and talent management. Her comprehension of leadership, strategy, conflict resolution and behavioral interviewing and interviewing skills have made her a great recruiter for any type of business.


A Review Of Sam Tabar’s Illustrative Career

Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and a hedge fund manager based in New York City. He has had a distinguished career. Sam pursued his studies at the Oxford University before proceeding to the Columbia Law School. He worked as an associate editor for the Columbia Business Law Review.

After graduating from law school, he joined a high profile law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slater and Meagher & Flom LLP. Sam focused on counseling clients on hedge fund formation and structure. In 2014, he joined PMA Investment Advisors as a counsel before being promoted to work as a managing director.

Over the years, he acquired crucial skills in global marketing and investor relations. These competencies helped him to establish innovative marketing strategies for the company. In addition, Sam worked closely with the senior management of PMA to develop asset raising strategies.

Sam Tabar was heavily involved in raising $1.2 billion for the corporation. Later, Sam Tabar joined Merrill Lynch where he served as the head of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific area. His major role was to guide institutional investors on hedge funds. Later, he joined Adanac LLC, BVI as the Director.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar worked in the corporate world for a while before returning to the legal field in 2013. He joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate. His prime role was to counsel clients on matters of hedge fund structure and employment concerns. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Sam Tabar is a philanthropist. He has been heavily involved in taking up the cause of AWI on GoFundMe. In addition, Sam has invested in THINX, a startup company that supports women in Africa and America.

THINX was started by two women who were introduced to Sam through a mutual friend. He was fascinated by their business model and decided to invest in the project. The company specializes in fashionable undergarments. For any purchase, the company donates reusable cloth sanitary pads to disadvantaged women in Africa.

The company, which started as a kick-starter campaign, has designed five styles of fashionable and functional underwear. The reusable sanitary cloths are supplied through AFRIpads.

THINX products are available on their website where customers sign a manifesto to show that they have helped to keep another woman in school by purchasing the company’s products. In addition, Sam interacts with his friends through the social media platforms. One can contact him through his Facebook and Instagram pages.

2016 Acquisitions Fuels OSI Group’s Growth

2016 was a busy year for the global food provider OSI Group. The company made a couple of purchases, which added to its network of over 65 facilities across 17 countries.

OSI Group, which provides custom food products, food processing, and food quality assurance capabilities to its customers, purchased the private Dutch company Baho Foods and a former Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago.

For almost 60 years, Baho Foods has manufactured food products such as deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods for the foodservice and retail industries. They have plants in the Netherlands and Germany, and they serve customers in 18 countries in Europe. OSI Group operates out of eight European countries, and the acquisition of Baho Foods gives the company access to more markets and customers in Europe.

OSI Group’s acquisition of a food processing facility and storage warehouse, which was once operated by Tyson Foods, gives the company the ability to support its growth. Tyson Foods closed the 200,000-square foot plant in November of 2015 to consolidate the workload into other existing plants. This facility is near Chicago, where OSI Group has an existing facility. The needs of OSI Group’s customer base are evolving, and by purchasing other companies and food processing facilities, OSI Group is putting itself in a position to meet the needs of its customers.

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Getting Legal Representation from Competent Lawyers Such As Bruno Fagali

There are many situations that can land you in a court of law. Some of the circumstances are issues that can be settled out of court and at other times even avoided altogether. Whether you are carrying out personal business or you are working with your company, it is important to make sure that due legal process is being followed when transacting. There is no better way to ensure that you stay within the confines of the law that engaging a competent lawyer such as Bruno Fagali. Below is what you need to know about legal processes.

When hiring Bruno Fagali, you need to consider whether you need them on retainer basis or particular cases. It has been common practice for lawyers that represent you on tort cases to take their payment after the compensation has been made and as percentage of the compensation that is paid out. However, there are other cases where the lawyer will need payment before any transaction is made. Agreeing on the terms before engaging the lawyer will save you from many headaches.

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Another consideration that is important to make is the level of experience of the lawyer. Competent lawyers such as Bruno Fagali always tell you beforehand about the legal processes that they have dealt with in the past and the cases they are not so familiar with. Their experience in a variety of fields means that you can trust them to give the best counsel in the said situations.

The other consideration that you need to make is the amount of time that it will take for the case to be concluded. With Bruno Fagali, cases will not turn into endless legal battles that waste both your precious time and money. He will find the quickest and the best solution to the problem at hand. He is the best person to contact for your legal issues.

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Life Line Screening Serves the Public in a Very Affordable Way

Life Line Screening has long been known as an affordable means of having some basic tests done at convenient locations to ascertain the condition of a person’s health. Modern medical technology allows for specific results of testing to be obtained by non-invasive procedures through simple finger blood testing, ultrasound testing, and a limited electrocardiograph (EKG).

The cost of the testing is much less than it would be if done in a hospital or a stand-alone medical facility and the company and procedures are supported by nine out of ten doctors who are aware of the procedures and how they are conducted.

For the sake of efficiency, most of the testing takes place at an employer’s workplace, in malls, or other public venues where people gather and can take advantage of three simple tests. The outcomes are very positive because many people discover health situations that need immediate attention, but the individual presented no symptoms.

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A classic situation is where a person has occluded arteries around the heart, but the disease has not advanced quite far enough to create any noticeable symptoms. Shortness of breath, pain in the chest area, and weakness and distress in the back muscles are classic signs of coronary artery disease. In many cases, the disease is there, but in its early stages.

By utilizing the three main diagnostic tests, ultrasound, EKG, and blood testing, most of all the diseases can be detected. Even cancer, if it has grown to a size that can be detected can be spotted.

Employers embrace the Life Line Screening procedures because healthy employees last longer and are more productive at the workplace. Individual data is not shared with employers, but group data can be. If an employer sees an unhealthy trend among employees, steps can be taken to offer employees healthier options such as exercise facilities and healthy snack foods.

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Secrets To Planning The Perfect Event From Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is an all rounded design and event planning company located in the heart of the bustling New York City. It is popular for its unique and innovative approach to event management.


Twenty Three Layers boast of an extensive client list that has made repeat requests due to the team’s prowess in actualizing ideas into events that fulfill the client’s wish list to the last detail. The vibrant workforce is known for its keen attention to detail and unwavering commitment to achieving ethereal events.


The company has a broad list of trusted vendors and access to spectacular locations that help to translate your dream event to reality by providing coveted taste in decor and food menus. Recently the company indulged its followers in some tips that would foster the inner event planner in their audience and help them create a stress-free event.


Twenty Three Layers highlighted the importance of being organized by having a list that reminds you of all you have to do. Creating a themed event makes the event more customized and sets the tone of the whole event.


In case you are hosting a family event, set up a kiddy table that has fun activities like drawing, coloring among other activities that will keep the children entertained. Send out invites. Make this a fun activity by doing DIY invites.


Give your guests the option of a self-service bar where they can have fun making cocktails and other drinks. Also, set up water and champagne station at the entrance to ensure your guests get into the mood right from the beginning. Create a themed concoction; leave your guests guessing what it is. Serve the theme drink once every hour.


Ensure that the appetizers are simple and enjoyable. Don’t get your guests too full before the main course. Keep the table set up simple and label sitting places for your guests. You can do handmade labels.

Most importantly, stay relaxed. Take one hour before the event to freshen up, build up the ambiance and get yourself in the mood of the event. Your guests will clone your mood and movement. Ensure that you earn the fun host title.


The event planning experts at Twenty Three Layers reiterate that event planning should be a fun and stress-free escapade. Implement these tips from them to create a memorable event.