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Adam Milstein Article

Adam Milstein is an exceptional individual. The Chairman of the Board for the Israeli American Council, Milstein has dedicated a large portion of his life to enhancing day-to-day life for Jewish peoples. Milstein’s efforts have yielded fruit, as well: in 2015, he was awarded a place among the top 100 people positively influencing Jewish Life in 2015. Additionally, just his past year Milstein was awarded a similar accolade as one of Twitter‘s top 25 most influential Jewish people on twitter. These accolades serve to confirm Milstein’s dedication to Israeli-Americans and act as proof of his dedication to them and their families, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein’s life has been one characterized by hard work and passion. A long-time real estate investor, Milstein started off his professional career with enormous success, amassing large amounts of wealth and proving himself as the cream of the crop within the field. This success is what allowed Milstein to transition to his true passion: Philanthropy. Milstein’s passion for humanitarian efforts is something to behold, as he has amassed thousands of dollars for a vast assortment of Jewish focused outreach groups. An Israel Native and patriotic American, the struggles of Israeli Americans are near and dear to Adam Milstein’s heart. This fact is clearly evident in the foundations Milstein champions. StandWithUs, the American Israel Education Foundation, Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, and many more all owe a great deal Milstein. All of that said, Milstein’s most personal endeavour is his own: The Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation. With its inception rooted in his families passion for spreading positivity, the Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation has had an enormous impact on Jewish youths. On college campuses all across the nation, the Foundation has worked to educate and enlighten young people’s with the struggles of the Isaeli people. This has been done in hopes of creating more positive relationships with Americans and people of other cultures alike. Ultimately, Adam Milsteins’ contribution to Jewish American life can not be understated. A beacon of positivity within the community, the Milstein families work continues to touch lives all across the country, and

Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez Listed among Entertainment Industry’s Top Female Executives

Music and entertainment industry is among the highest revenue generating sectors in the region. In 2016 alone, the industry is reported to have generated about $17.2 billion in revenues. The leadership of this lucrative sector has over the years been dominated by males. However, there is a significant number of zealous females who have already found their way in. According to the 2017 Women in Music list by Billboard, Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer Desiree Perez is among the most powerful executives in the music and entertainment industry.

Billboard’s 2017 list contains best female dealmakers, tastemakers, and influencers as well as those who capture all aspects of the sector from recording to identifying talents. Perez’s appearance on the list has come as motivation to many women who aspire to serve the industry at the top executive levels. Her name featured among presidents of popular record labels, marketing managers, and female industry leaders who have contributed towards the success of well-known music artists over the last 20 years. Desiree Perez is known among the industry stakeholders to be a tough negotiator.

Roc Nation goes beyond a mere entertainment firm and record label. It’s a full-service company and deals with managing music artists, producers, songwriters, and merchandising. The company supports music-related projects and has signed popular music artists including Shakira, Rita Ora, and Timbaland just to mention a few, and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

Desiree Perez has been with Roc Nation 2009. As the COO, Perez oversees the company’s publishing and labeling activities. She also manages the day-to-day of the firm. As a negotiator, Desiree Perez sealed a $25 million collaboration deal with Samsung for Rihanna’s anti-tour as well as Sprint’s $200 million deal with TIDAL. Desiree’s performance record has greatly contributed towards her success in the music and entertainment industry.

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Fabletics Uses Consumer Reviews To Bring In New Consumers To The Brand

Are you aware as you do your shopping online that past consumers help to shape your decision on a brand and style? If not, you should think about the things that make you choose what names to trust. With more brands and styles choosing to maintain the appearance online instead of physical stores, they depend on the power of shoppers to bring in more shoppers. They know that they must depend on the reviews left behind by other consumers to help bring in more.


Since the brand opened in 2013, the brand has been able to gain more than 200% of the beginning shoppers. What this has meant for the business is that it has established over $230 million dollars for their sales of Fabletics. Shawn Gold, the head marketing chief and co-founder of the parent company of Fabletics, TechStyle Fashion Group will give credit where credit is due. To the wonderful reviews left by past consumers and the ones who are currently using Fabletics.


In the vast world of digital shopping, many consumers will depend on what others think and say about a brand. They will take into account what others say about the brand before deciding on whether or not it is a good buy. For membership brand accounts, this means they have to be extra engaging with their consumers to ensure that they leave the positive feedback for any shoppers who might be interested later in the brand.


What that means for companies like Fabletics is, you must devise a plan to keep more shoppers coming and please the shoppers who were once there. That is why they developed the LifeStyle Quiz. This quiz will help shoppers to determine what styles they like and what styles they do not, which will help the company to decide what future orders look like and what future orders will not.


Consumers depend on what they receive to be the right item. Fabletics is able to help prove that they are listening by trying to please their shoppers right out the door. Fabletics is easily shopped for with the satisfaction guarantee. If at any point in time, a customer is dissatisfied with their shipments, they can exchange it for something else or have a credit placed on file for future orders. They want to make sure all consumers are happy with their choices to ensure that positive reviews are being left for new shoppers.


While the brand was in the starting phase of planning for the business and what they wanted to achieve, the plan was to immediately bring someone in as a spokesperson to reel in consumers. They of course wanted someone who could be related to and someone that strived to stay in fit. For them, the decision would be easy. They quickly approached Kate Hudson and asked her if she would be the person at the front of the brand. Kate Hudson knew nothing about business prior to Fabletics but has proven to be the asset they needed to bring in more consumers.

Actor Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is a Polish American actor, producer, and director. He stated studying theater in high school. His most recent acting job is Cal in Camo for theater, and Before I Disappear, a movie, which tells of Richie, (Shawn Christensen), a depressed man at a low point in his life, whose ranged sister (Emmy Rossum), asks him to look after his 11 year-old niece (Fatima Ptacek). As the evening progresses, he feels triggered by his two bosses Bill (Ron Pearlman), and Gideon (Paul Wesley. Richie then decides there is more to life than his bosses or anybody else’s demands. Paul Wesley was also a producer on this film. Both Paul Wesley and Shawn Christensen collaborated on this project together.

paul wesley

Wesley has a lead role in The Vampire Diaries, and has also served as director for the following episodes, Resident Evil, Woke up with A Monster, Things we Lost in the Fire, Requiem for A Dream, Detoured on Some Random Backwards Path to Hell, Day of Atonement. In Before I Disappear, Wesley is credited as a producer. He has worked with the director of Curfew, Christensen, whose film won an Oscar, which helped both parties with visibility. Wesley remarks that these days, it is hard to get financing, unless you are an A-list star, or you are producing a horror movie. Other examples include that you are either a blockbuster or a genre film that you can make $100 million off of.

paul wesley

He wanted something else to do besides The Vampire Diaries. Also, he plays Flint in Cal in Camo, a character that glues everything together. Amir and Sam is about Sam, an American soldier, and Amir, an illegal immigrant from Iraq, which is set in 2008 prior to the Great Recession. These are the highlights of Paul Wesley’s career up until 2017.

paul wesley

NewsWatch TV Wins Gold in Television Awards

NewsWatch TV recently won multiple awards for excellence in
30-minute recreation TV programming. NewsWatch won “Platinum”
and “Gold” for the distinguished Marcom Award, and won
“Excellence” for the Videographer Award, one in every of the foremost
desirable awards within the video trade. NewsWatch has additionally won
previous awards for his or her national TV program, as well as a Silver boob
tube Award. NewsWatch TV reviews prime technology, client product, and
firms to their nationwide audience within the US.
NewsWatch TV won a Gold and Pt. “Marcom Award” for his or her nationwide
thirty minute programme. The “Gold” and “Platinum” Awards
area unit the 2 highest levels which will be won for “Television-Broadcast
& Cable”.
NewsWatch TV was additionally awarded the national “2017 Videographer
Award” for excellence in 30-minute recreation programming. This can be the
very best of 3 levels of their annual awards competition and is that the most
tough to win. The Videographer Awards is among the oldest and most revered
awards programs within the trade.
About Videographer Awards
The Videographer Awards is one in every of the foremost desirable awards within
the video trade. Since 1994, the goal of the Videographer Awards is to spot and
acknowledge the artisans WHO stand out within the scope of their own
The Videographer Awards is run and judged by the Association of promoting and
Communication Professionals (ACMP). The global organization consists of many
thousand selling, communication, advertising, packaging, media production and
work professionals WHO have entered AMCP programs. The board oversees awards
and recognition programs, provides judges and sets standards of excellence.
The Award of Excellence was awarded to those comes the judges deemed were
written, produced, shot associated emended in an exceptional manner. Award of
Excellence winner’s area unit listed on the Videographer Awards web site at
About Marcom Awards
MarCom Awards honors excellence in selling and communication whereas
recognizing the ability, toil and generosity of trade professionals. Since its
origination in 1995, MarCom has evolved into one in every of the most
important, most-respected inventive competitions within the world. Every year
concerning VI, 000 print and digital entries area unit submitted from dozens of
states. MarCom is run by the Association of promoting and Communication
Professionals (AMCP). The global organization, based in 1995, consists of many
thousand selling, communication, advertising, packaging, digital and net
professionals. The Marcom Award is crafted by Society Awards, manufacturers of
the Golden Globes, Emmys, CLIOS, MTV, Academy of folk and Yankee Music Awards.
About NewsWatch TV
NewsWatch TV airs nationwide within the US and might be seen in nearly each
market throughout the country. Every edition of NewsWatch reaches over ninety
six million households nationwide. Set within the Washington, DC area, the
NewsWatch workers offers decades of broadcast expertise. Over twenty five
years, the series has reached over 700 million folks, creating it one in every
of the foremost roaring severally created news magazines on TV. To find out
additional concerning NewsWatch, head to NewsWatch TV Reviews and Testimonials.

Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a platform that aims to
help users to create marketplaces for their digital assets. The platform will
allow users to interact easily by the use of the WAX token. The WAX platform is
a product of OPSkins. OPSkins is the leading virtual marketplace in the whole
world, with more than 100 million transactions per year.

Malcolm CasSelle Celebrates Major Success in Cryptocurrency Market with Worldwide Asset eXchange Sales

There are various benefits that users can derive from this
platform. First, it safeguards you against the volatility of price this because
all the items sold are attached to their contracts. You can easily buy or sell items safely
through this platform by using Smart Contracts.

Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer of OpSkins
and President of WAX. He is a renowned international entrepreneur who has
invested mostly in the digital and media industry. He was the Chief Technical
Officer at Tronc, Inc before he assumed his current role. He also served as the
Chief Executive Officer of Xfire a global network that connects more than two
million video game players. Malcolm CasSelle was appointed as the Chief Executive
officer of Tencent Company that was based in China.

Malcolm studied his undergraduate degree in computer science
at MIT where he also learned to speak the Japanese language fluently. During
his MIT days, he was actively involved in sports such as downhill skiing, tae
kwon do amongst others.

Malcolm CasSelle gives the reasons why he believes that the
WAX token will give good returns to potential investors. He states that there
is a remarkable team that is behind the production of this new token. He believes
that OPSkins has a good reputation for business success and this is likely to
influence the performance of the token. He argues that OPskins has dominated
the cryptocurremcy market and thus WAX tokens will sell faster. Malcolm
CasSelle is the best cryptocurrency expert in our world today. He brings a lots
of experience from the various digital companies he has headed before.

The Efforts Of Micheal Lacey And Jim Larkin In Enforcing A Fair Rule For Immigrants Within The States

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has reported increased difficulty in handling complaints from immigrants since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. While the Obama administration was also keen to protect the safety and resources of the citizens, they were more lenient in the deportation of illegal residents.

The previous president ensured that individuals with a criminal record from their original country did not stand a chance in the States, since they endanger the wellbeing of the nation. As such, the allowed candidates worked tirelessly to plead for a full legal citizenship within the country. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

While most immigrants found new livelihoods in the country, some faced the illegal hand of the former Arizona County Sherriff Joe Arpaio. The convicted cop had a record of deporting innocent citizens based on racial divides.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sought to the end the woes of these victims by highlighting the suffering they faced in the hands of the corrupt sheriff. After a lengthy battle with the county administration, the two journalists received a $3.75 million settlement. They currently use the amount to fund non-profit organizations fighting against racial injustices in Arizona. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

A recent news article revealed the current struggle of two twins who have lived a majority of their teenage lives in the Queens area of Arizona. The two have excellent academic records and their parents have undertaken every legal procedure towards ensuring they remain on the right side of the government. They report to the government on an annual basis and were working towards acquiring full citizenship under the DACA program. The elimination of the program has resulted in cancellation of the family’s permit to reside within the country.

The biggest trivia since the launch of the Donald Trump administration is the precedent billion-dollar wall, which will bar Mexicans from entry into the States. One law firm is already executing plans to derail the wall’s enacting by buying land on the American-Mexican border.

They launched a campaign that offered a piece of the land to the first 150,000 people who paid $15 towards the campaign. The aim of the campaign is to force the United States government to go to court before commencing the wall’s building. Apart from funding the grassroots efforts of citizens seeking justice for Mexicans and other illegal immigrants, Larkin and Lacey support Arizona based foundations that enforce legality in the States, such as the American Council Immigration.

George Soros Continues To Support the Global Community

George Soros remains one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs of all time. The founder and key financier of Open Society Foundation, George has continued to affirm his commitment towards supporting the global community. The famous investor, author and philanthropist, George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He pursued his bachelors and masters in philosophy from the London School of Economics. Before establishing his own hedge fund business, Soros worked with merchant banks serving in various positions both in England and United States.

Having thrived in the business world, he turned his focus to supporting various global community initiatives. According to Open Society Foundation, George has donated around $32 billion meant to support needy individuals as well as other humanitarian organizations. Open Society Foundation is Soros’ brainchild has continued to advocate for freedom of expression, inclusive societies with equal rights and opportunities for all, and governments which are accountable to its people.

George Soros understands what it means to undergo touch challenges. Having grown up through the Nazi occupation, George and his family went through challenging moments in the Hungarian-Jews’ lives. He successfully immigrated to the US in 1956 and was able to help other families do the same. George established the Soros Fund Management in 1970 and proceeded to become among the most successful investors in the United State of America’s history.


George Soros donates billions to Open Society Foundation

George began his philanthropic work in 1979 by offering academic scholarships to black South Africans during apartheid rule. A year later, he funded an academic exchange program between communist Hungarians and the west. He went further and established Central European University as a way of creating an institution that would foster creative and critical thinking. George Soros’ philanthropic giving has since impacted various regions of the world including Asia, Latin America, Africa, and United States.

In one of the biggest donations of all time, George transferred $18 billion to his brainchild organization: Open Society Foundation. Even though the huge transfer is projected to make George a subject of discussion in various forums, it will greatly help in driving the organization’s several community initiatives, and

Soros has, while pushing for his open society agenda, participated in important political events. He made significant donations to Democratic politicians’ campaigns, including Hillary Clinton’s, since he believes that the party carries the interest of the global community. It is reported that over the years he has financed the activities of the foundation through annual donations in the range of $800 million and $900 million. Soros has significantly continued to increase his annual contributions towards the foundation, and

According to Darren Walker, president of Ford Foundation, the impact that has been created by Open Society Foundation for the last two decades are incomparable. Walker admitted that the organization has reached almost every part of the globe and remains the most impactful social justice group worldwide. Mr. Gaspard, Open Society Foundation’s incoming president, has reportedly affirmed George Soros’ continued commitment towards making the world a better society for all. He further explained that the foundation will continue to work with global community leaders from various parts of the world, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

US Money Reserve’s’ Philanthropic Concern

After the devastation Hurricane Harvey left in its wake, ‘US Money Reserve‘ sought to contribute a matched donation of $100,000 to help those affected by this destructive hurricane. The donation, according to CEO Angela Koch of US Money Reserve, was a “patriotic duty” to help those so “close to home.”


The US Money Reserve, located in Austin Texas, felt the indirect shocks of this storm through its employees and clients impacted by the storm. So, through the concerted effort of US Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) a monetary relief package was raised in order to help in cleanup and rebuilding-The grand-total in relief: $219,622.


What is the US Money Reserve? The US Money Reserve has established itself as a leading distributor in precious metals serving private clients numbering in the hundreds of thousands since its inception in 2001. The company sells certified U.S grade government gold, silver and platinum coins. The companies precious metals are sanctioned by congress, and each coin serves as legal tender all of which are created at the U.S mint.


This company not only is in the business in selling coinage but gives back potions of their revenue to organizations which help others-70 organizations (non-profit) to be exact. To name a few organizations US Monetary Reserve donates to:American Red Cross, Austin Children’s Shelter, Children’s Hospital, Boy Scouts of America, National Inst. Of Neurological Disorders and many more.


To refresh the magnitude of hurricane Harvey and its effects; it displaced upwards of 39,000 people from their homes, it inundated parts of Texas with two-feet of rain within 24 hours and a third of Houston was underwater from the storm; this storm tore at Texas as a category 4 hurricane, but despite the carnage humanity overcame and organizations such as Autism Disaster Relief Project (a non-profit made up of volunteers and 175 churches) partnered with US Money Reserve to help those victimized by the storm and the rebuilding of communities.


The director of ADRN ( Daniel Geraci) was especially pleased with US Money Reserve giving the company a special congratulatory statement, “It is through businesses like U.S. Money Reserve that we have been able to meet the high financial demands of this disaster response…many lives will be impacted through this generous donation” and likewise US Money Reserves CEO gave a special acknowledgement to ADRN for its help in donating to the relief effort in Texas.

Daniel Taub- A dedicated servant of ISRAEL

Daniel Taub is a great diplomat who served his country Israel with great diligence. He was appointed to represent the country in the United Kingdom. His role as the ambassador was to represent the interest of his country in London. As a brilliant international lawyer, Daniel Taub carried out his mandate in the best way possible. He ensured that all matters of interests to his country were catered for. Daniel Taub dedication to work for his country was like no others. He made sure that his country benefited from the partnership that they enjoyed with the United Kingdom. At no single point in the history of these two countries did the two countries have strained relations while he was in office, his diplomatic strategy was always cooperation. He worked closely with relevant departments in the government of the United Kingdom to come up with benefits for his country.



Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. This means that he was representing Israel in a country where he was born. He was the second diplomat from Israel to be representing the country in the same office having been born in the United Kingdom. This scenario gave Daniel Taub an advantage since he knew how the two countries worked. He knew matters of common interests that he could explore so that there can be mutual benefits for the two countries.



Daniel Taub has served his country Israel in various positions. He has played a critical in the establishment of good cooperation between the two countries. Daniel Taub made sure that he laid the foundation of strong relations between the two countries going into the future. Daniel Taub showed great dedication to his work and this is the reason why he was able to accomplish a lot in such a short time in the office of the ambassador.



Daniel Taub service to his country has been remarkable. He served his country in the best way that he could afford. Israel has benefited a lot from his brilliance. He has managed to keep the diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Kingdom strong. Taub has also played a big role in ensuring that his country benefits from his knowledge about international law. He has been a key figure in peace negotiation between these Israel and her neighbors. He led Israel in coming up with a peace agreement with Palestine. This is an agreement that led to peace between the two countries although Palestine later disowned the agreement.


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