Fabletics Uses Consumer Reviews To Bring In New Consumers To The Brand

Are you aware as you do your shopping online that past consumers help to shape your decision on a brand and style? If not, you should think about the things that make you choose what names to trust. With more brands and styles choosing to maintain the appearance online instead of physical stores, they depend on the power of shoppers to bring in more shoppers. They know that they must depend on the reviews left behind by other consumers to help bring in more.


Since the brand opened in 2013, the brand has been able to gain more than 200% of the beginning shoppers. What this has meant for the business is that it has established over $230 million dollars for their sales of Fabletics. Shawn Gold, the head marketing chief and co-founder of the parent company of Fabletics, TechStyle Fashion Group will give credit where credit is due. To the wonderful reviews left by past consumers and the ones who are currently using Fabletics.


In the vast world of digital shopping, many consumers will depend on what others think and say about a brand. They will take into account what others say about the brand before deciding on whether or not it is a good buy. For membership brand accounts, this means they have to be extra engaging with their consumers to ensure that they leave the positive feedback for any shoppers who might be interested later in the brand.


What that means for companies like Fabletics is, you must devise a plan to keep more shoppers coming and please the shoppers who were once there. That is why they developed the LifeStyle Quiz. This quiz will help shoppers to determine what styles they like and what styles they do not, which will help the company to decide what future orders look like and what future orders will not.


Consumers depend on what they receive to be the right item. Fabletics is able to help prove that they are listening by trying to please their shoppers right out the door. Fabletics is easily shopped for with the satisfaction guarantee. If at any point in time, a customer is dissatisfied with their shipments, they can exchange it for something else or have a credit placed on file for future orders. They want to make sure all consumers are happy with their choices to ensure that positive reviews are being left for new shoppers.


While the brand was in the starting phase of planning for the business and what they wanted to achieve, the plan was to immediately bring someone in as a spokesperson to reel in consumers. They of course wanted someone who could be related to and someone that strived to stay in fit. For them, the decision would be easy. They quickly approached Kate Hudson and asked her if she would be the person at the front of the brand. Kate Hudson knew nothing about business prior to Fabletics but has proven to be the asset they needed to bring in more consumers.

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