Daniel Taub- A dedicated servant of ISRAEL

Daniel Taub is a great diplomat who served his country Israel with great diligence. He was appointed to represent the country in the United Kingdom. His role as the ambassador was to represent the interest of his country in London. As a brilliant international lawyer, Daniel Taub carried out his mandate in the best way possible. He ensured that all matters of interests to his country were catered for. Daniel Taub dedication to work for his country was like no others. He made sure that his country benefited from the partnership that they enjoyed with the United Kingdom. At no single point in the history of these two countries did the two countries have strained relations while he was in office, his diplomatic strategy was always cooperation. He worked closely with relevant departments in the government of the United Kingdom to come up with benefits for his country.



Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. This means that he was representing Israel in a country where he was born. He was the second diplomat from Israel to be representing the country in the same office having been born in the United Kingdom. This scenario gave Daniel Taub an advantage since he knew how the two countries worked. He knew matters of common interests that he could explore so that there can be mutual benefits for the two countries.



Daniel Taub has served his country Israel in various positions. He has played a critical in the establishment of good cooperation between the two countries. Daniel Taub made sure that he laid the foundation of strong relations between the two countries going into the future. Daniel Taub showed great dedication to his work and this is the reason why he was able to accomplish a lot in such a short time in the office of the ambassador.



Daniel Taub service to his country has been remarkable. He served his country in the best way that he could afford. Israel has benefited a lot from his brilliance. He has managed to keep the diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Kingdom strong. Taub has also played a big role in ensuring that his country benefits from his knowledge about international law. He has been a key figure in peace negotiation between these Israel and her neighbors. He led Israel in coming up with a peace agreement with Palestine. This is an agreement that led to peace between the two countries although Palestine later disowned the agreement.


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