Kevin Seawright Is a Finance Specialist With a Heart

Kevin Seawright is a person who is a big name in the finance world. He has substantial experience as an administrative operations and financial specialist. He’s based in Newark, New Jersey at the moment. That’s where he works for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Seawright is admired for being a great mind in the financial community.

He’s devised countless economic strategies that have made a lot of impact. People in his field know that he has strong business reorganization abilities on his side as well.

He has reorganized a good number of companies based all over New Jersey. That’s precisely how he landed his desired role as the Chief Finance head and Executive Vice President at the Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright is a finance guru who has a varied set of skills. These skills are invaluable in his daily career. Seawright knows a lot about essential topics such as forecasting, strategic planning, performance management, managerial finance, capital projects, human resources, data assessment, contract negotiation, maintenance management and beyond.

People who want to learn about in-depth subjects such as collective bargaining, operations management, change management, budgeting and human capital can learn a lot from watching Seawright in action.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is an executive who cares deeply about the finance field. He’s also a compassionate human being who has a strong interest in giving back to his beloved community. That’s why regular volunteer work is such a focal point for him. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He’s happily served as a volunteer basketball coach for the Suffolk, Virginia Recreational Department for a while now. He began volunteering with the department in the fall of 2015. He devotes a substantial amount of time to numerous causes.

A couple of the causes that are close to Seawright’s heart are education and economic empowerment. Seawright wants to see new generations succeed and thrive. He wants to give wide-eyed young children access to the finest learning opportunities the world has to offer.

Kevin Seawright appreciates the world of social networking. He, because of that, has a strong presence on Twitter. He routinely posts messages about pressing topics that affect contemporary society.

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