The Many Talents of Julie Zuckerberg

Originally, Julie Zuckerberg studied Philosophy at New York Brooklyn College of City University. Her interests changed and she moved to the New York Law School. At law school her interests laid in talent acquisition. That is how her successful career began. With great mentors and teachers at law school, Julie became well-groomed in corporate business. Julie became a professional in human resources, employee training, coaching acquisition and management, conflict resolution and team leadership.


Julie Zuckerberg’s career began at the Hudson Company where she started out as Director of Candidate Placement. Later she became responsible for recruiting case managers, temporary and permanent support staff, attorneys, and paralegals. Before leaving Hudson Company, Julie was responsible for linking clients to employees to resolve the problems between them. She stayed five years with the Hudson Company.


Serving for six years at Citibank, Julie was Vice President and Executive Recruiter of the bank. Her responsibilities were the negotiating the senior level job offers, international talent sourcing and the advising of the recruitment strategies. Julie was promoted to Executive recruiter for Citi

Consumer Bank and instructed managers on creating position specifications and job descriptions. She also managed client vetting, retained search firms and fee negotiations.


She helped Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York get ahead of their competitors by coaching the management and advising them on various compensation trends and various recruitment strategies. She was actively involved in immigration and clawbacks, relocation and equity buyouts, which helped her bank gain an edge over their competition. Julie solely handled the process of expatriate and international relocations, which includes her talents to source the right person across the globe.


Julie was Corporate Vice President and Senior Recruiting Lead at New York Life Insurance. Julie’s main role at New York Life was to analyze customer requirement and manage recruitment process with the management. Julie was responsible for the hiring of the managers and business partners. She was soon promoted to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, which was for the Wealth and Commercial Clients, GTO and Asset Management.


Julie was responsible for all the business leaders of the bank to cooperate together to make a positive team. She directed the negotiations of all the managing directors and provides leadership to the coordinators and recruiters of the bank. Working with senior management, Julie came up with business strategy plans and provides the best solutions for the bank.


As Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, Julie now coaches and helps to counsel recruitment executive groups. As Executive Talent Lead, Julie wears many different executive hats. Julie Zuckerberg is the major executive who achieves the best practices in management recruitment for the company.


Julie Zuckerberg has many different talents. She is a strong believer in seeing that the right person is recruited into the proper position. She has effectively enriched the success of many different companies. Julie has developed the skill of recruitment, executive search, leadership and talent management. Her comprehension of leadership, strategy, conflict resolution and behavioral interviewing and interviewing skills have made her a great recruiter for any type of business.


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